There is no dispute that these children are in the direst of circumstances. Your help is truly needed. And although it may seem I'm picking on the good-hearted, well-intentioned actions of others, I am not. This is merely to identify that there are practical and realistic ways to affect change in these societies of horror.

Words must come after actions, deeds before celebrations and when this is applied, and the children see the real model of charity and compassion in action, then we have the opportunity to profess our beliefs and values.

Change will come from reaching out, in real terms, to the children who are suffering the most, and providing them with the essential life-tools, guidance, and love to help themselves. There are indeed children who rise above the parapet and change their lives. And it is those who will become the leaders of the future. Whether you’re a multi-national company looking for a social responsibility theme for your employees, or an individual who wishes to leave a legacy that is reflective of your life, you will find Moldovans and Romanians to be kind, dedicated and hard-working.

For many, the natural instinct of wanting to adopt internationally has its own well-documented trail of sadness and disappointment. And the fact there are a few individuals and organisations who mask themselves as "Christian" programmes, who are making untold sums of money from this form of exploitation, is particularly repugnant. It is our belief that whenever possible it is better to first work towards finding ways that the child may be reintegrated into their own core family. Alternatively, the extended family may be considered, and finally, when other options are not available, then fostering and adoption within their own country would be the first preference over international adoption.

During these rapidly developing times, these children will become the leaders and models of change in their society. To take away the strongest to a foreign land only helps to perpetuate the problem. And the adage: "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime" bears thought.

Every business has a corporate responsibility, every group has a social responsibility, and each of us has a spiritual responsibility!

This site was not created to raise money, it is not to admonish or embarrass anyone, any culture, or any country. It is merely to invoke thought.

Hopefully, we have succeeded.

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A special word of thanks to all the airline crews from around the world who work tirelessly to provide their time and efforts to help reach the suffering children of the world. Without your help, insight, care, and moral support, the challenges would be infinitely greater!

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About this website

This entire site has been about our social and spiritual responsibility. A true demonstration of that social responsibility has come from the creative mind of James Ready of Slick Vision Studio's. Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, James, through his exceptional analytical skills, his ability to assess the balance of communications with art and immeasurable compassion towards the plight of Romania’s children, has created a compelling and touching visual and auditory experience. One might presume that this would be typical of any organisation commissioned to design this type of work. However, in this instance, what the reader is not aware of is that James was only sixteen years of age when he produced this.

Not only do I extend a heartfelt hand of thanks for his kindness, insight and generosity, I enthusiastically recommend him to any company who is looking for an individual with a professional and creative flair in website design. I could not offer a more sincere reference than to say, because of his work, he has helped to change a child’s life!