Project New Life
  Moldova | Romania

Time is supposed to heal. But the horrors that the world witnessed sixteen years ago, as the doors of human warehouses, known as Romanian orphanages, opened and poured out neglected, tortured, and forgotten children, still exist today.

The world was aghast at what it saw - emaciated, hungry, naked children, invoked images of the holocaust. The reign of terror and abuse was finally over. Ceausescu was dead and it was time to heal and rebuild.

But somehow amidst the celebrations and influx of many well-intentioned, honourable, charity organisations, many of them with strong religious platforms, an entire generation of young people became lost. And today, those children are giving birth to their own children. There are today more homeless street children in Romania, than there were in 1989.

In neighbouring Moldova, the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 permitted this country to begin its struggle towards a new independence. Tragically, the nation, arguably the poorest country in all of Europe, sits at the brink of an abyss. Dreadfully poor, yet a country with determination and most of all, hope, Moldova is in desperate need of help.

The government’s new constitution promotes freedom and democracy for all, yet there are insufficient resources to provide even the most basic support for essential services, much less development for its people.

But there is an amazing pride among the people. Communities are working together to combine their own resources, with assistance from private individuals and organisations, which are willing to invest their time and expertise to affect change. Hope appears radiant in the faces of the people.

Whether it’s Moldova or Romania, the children's story of suffering has been the same. And it is too great to share in only a few simple words. Today the eyes of Romania and Moldova's abandoned and forgotten children say more than words ever could.

For now, all we ask is for you to spend two minutes to watch this small story.

For this is truly about Faith, Hope, and Love.